NASCAR – A sport with a fan base before it was a sport.

What eventually became the National Association of Stock Car Racing (NASCAR) began around 1900 as races on the neighborhood streets of Daytona Beach, Florida. Even then it had fans. William France, Sr., a mechanic from Washington, DC, had heard of these races and moved to the area in 1935 to compete. In 1936 he finished fifth in a local race, but he began to become more interested in organizing the sport than participating directly. He knew that the sport was beginning to attract a fan base, and he felt that the drivers were often mistreated by their promoters, who simply chose not to pay them. He attended a meeting where notes were taken on a napkin from the Ebony Bar at the Streamline Hotel, Daytona Beach. From that encounter, NASCAR was soon born.

Since its inception in 1948, NASCAR has grown and engaged in different types of racing in various locations around the country. Probably part of NASCAR’s incredible success has been its versatile ticketing system. Not only does a fan with a NASCAR ticket have access to the largest stock car race in the country, but that fan can also enjoy themselves at a national racing series, of which there are three: the Sprint Cup, the Nationwide Series and the Craftsmen Truck series. That same ticket also grants access to regional fun, such as the Whelen All-American Series (amateur car racing); the Whelen Modified Tour (NASCAR Modified Division); and the NASCAR Local Racing (four geographic series).


NASCAR has come a long way from the neighborhood streets of Daytona Beach, Florida. Currently, it is broadcast from more than 150 countries around the world and has started exhibition races. They have taken place in two countries so far: Japan and Australia. Further, based largely on NASCAR’s loyal and spending fans, who bought about $3 billion worth of merchandise and tickets last year, its popularity propelled it to the second-most-watched TV sports show ever, right behind the National Football League last year. However, NASCAR seems loyal to the old USA of A.. At least the fans don’t have to worry for the time being. Despite its phenomenal growth and expansion into new markets, NASCAR’s home base remains in Daytona Beach, Florida, USA.


It seems everyone agrees: you have to see a NASCAR race on the track. And it also seems that everyone knows why: the fans. There is nothing, nobody, nowhere like a NASCAR fan. They are loyal and sincere. They literally create the experience that matters. They believe in their sport, and they believe in watching it together. For the fan, NASCAR is a way of life.

Because of those fans, there is electricity for a race. There’s a load in the air. Armed with beer and hot dogs for everyone to enjoy, a NASCAR fan will have goosebumps on a 90-degree sunny day. An entire year has been awaited for this day. No one and nothing could or would come between a NASCAR fan and her ticket.

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