There is no doubt that Nascar is one of the strongest brands ever in American sports chronicles. But what makes Nascar such a hot brand? Who is behind Nascar’s success? Well, Nascar’s winnows, who else?!? Nascar sports fans are the most loyal devotees in the world. You will love the fans of Dale Earnhardt Jr. never seen any other beer drink than Bud. This is because Dale is the brand name ambassador for Budweiser. Jeff Gordon is affiliated with Dupont’s paint and most of Jeff Gordon’s fans never use any other paint.

The brand name commitment of the sports fans is then cashed in by the sponsors. An investigation revealed that to have their name and logo on the lid of a top Nascar Nextel cup car, a person and/or company must pay $1.5 million! That’s the big money now. The drivers are the main factor behind the success of the Nascar cars. The drama that comes with the sport and the adrenaline rush is unlike any other sport.

Loyalty to the drivers

If a Nascar Nextel cup driver suddenly advertises Pepsi before the race, sales of Pepsi during that race will be incomparable. All fans of that driver will simply stop using other soft drinks and start using Pepsi. Likewise, if a driver connects to a particular brand of store, such as Home Depot, for example, then all fans will shop at Home Depot.

Role of the media

The media will also play a big part in promoting some things. For example, if Bill Elliot is seen at a specific restaurant and the photo makes headlines, then all of his devotees will eat at the same eatery for the next week. During the race, the fan following reaches a whole new level!

Individuals come from far away to watch the races and then sales of accessories and branded items skyrocket. Drivers like Jeff Gordon, who are associated with car dealerships, are also benefiting from its popularity. The sales of the cars have skyrocketed after these drivers bonded with the car companies.

Automotive Productions Also

Automotive products have conquered a market like never before, thanks to the growing popularity of Nascar drivers and their ever-growing fan base. If a certain Nascar driver uses a certain brand of paint on his car, then that paint should be used by all his fans as well. The most common example is that of the headlight restoration product used by most Nascar drivers. The product that makes the headlight as good as new again is extremely popular and is now also used by many Nascar fans around the world.